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  • gopros good for extreme sports and underwater stuff, this thing is good for custom applications and mounting options, like instead of putting a gopro on your cars windscreen, you can mount one of these directly to your front bumper or dashboard, especially good for security.

  • I was looking for this too, installing these permanently in my car. Emailed hackhd and they said they are going to have this option in their firmware upgrade in a month or two. Will probably let me record half a year if I connect it to my car battery, without charging it (bringing it down to 3.7v of course)

  • i swapped mine with a 2.8-12mm 1:14 lens I bought from, works and focus's fine. just ordered a 50mm lens on ebay

  • can you change the lens on the 808? I plan on using a 50mm zoom lens on one of these, just ordered one from ebay, uses the same lenses as the gopro

  • The software may not be open source but the camera is more hackable than anything else on the market. The software for these things cost 6 figures just for licensing from what I have heard. I paid the $160 and have no regrets, I was about to buy another 2 for a car security project but they just sold out :(

  • Landscape, when facing the camera the pins are on the left and the lens is on the right

  • The lens isn't fisheye, its wide angle

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