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  • I think I cleared up my confusion with this module, I have just been trawling through the internet reading anything vaguely related to the LIS302DL. I must have read the data sheet 10 times over.
    Anyway I just had to realise that the output was a 2’s complement number and that you have to multiply it by the sensitivity.
    This great application note helped a lot. Perhaps spark fun should consider adding the link to product page.

  • Hi, I’m having some trouble with this little sensor. I have it connected to my microcontroller via i2c and this is working because I can read the “who am I” register correctly.
    So when I read the X,Y and Z registers (every 100ms) I output the decimal values to my screen there is some noise on the X and Z values but very small, however on the Y values it jumps from 0 to 255. Is the Y register corrupted? Also what are the units for the decimal numbers I am seeing on my screen?
    Any help would be great! I think I’m almost there with getting it to work.
    Many thanks

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