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Cal EECS. Wrote MissionClock. Love space. Want to build a satellite.

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C/C++/Objective-C/C++, Java, ANTLR


UC Berkeley


  • *spectra

  • What do you need a credit card for? In-bot purchases?

  • Can you please post data sheets for the cell and protection circuit? Thanks.

  • I was seeing this when I was limiting the current in my power supply. But I think at 700 mA it worked fine.

  • Can you publish a PDF with the mechanical dimensions of the kit, including the mounting holes? Thanks.

  • Wow, this thing is so stupidly hard to get started with. SparkFun, you’ve really failed miserably with this product.

  • This is awesome. Only difference I see from the springs of youth is that those were tapered, so they could “screw” into the cardboard panel that held everything in place.

  • Hobby stores are dying in my area (San Jose, CA). There’s one catering to electric cars (and a bit of general R/C hobbying), and one catering to electric flight. There’s definitely a cultural difference between the two markets. But it’s hard to find places any more.

    Around here we have three Techshop locations. They each have a retail store. You should try to get into those. They’re open 7 days a week, like 9 am to midnight.

    Radio Shack is not a bad idea, given their recent push into the Maker space. Not exactly “little box,” though. There’s also Fry’s. I’ve seen Parallax stuff in Fry’s, and I thought I’d seen SparkFun things there, too.

    Locally, there’s also Anchor Electronics to consider.

  • I’d sure like to know, too! Eagerly awaiting mine. Also, my order status is a bit confusing. It says “shipped,” but the details still offer me a button to settle the balance. I hope I have one forthcoming…

  • I love that you guys are so generous, and generally awesome, but it really kinda sucks to get up, sit down, try to load the home page at 8:00:05, and completely fail to get anywhere. I’ve been a customer since 1/2006, and I’m not about to stop, but this is more of a random drawing than anything I really have control over.

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