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Cal EECS. Wrote MissionClock. Love space. Want to build a satellite.

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  • Sigh. I didn't even think to look at the docs, because in my experience these things aren't well-documented. If they mention it at all, they're rarely specific, and it seems to vary with firmware. ITAR calls for the limits to be ANDed (that is, you are restricted from going 500 m/s above 50 km, but you can go faster than that below 50 km or higher than 50 km if you're slower than 500 m/s.

    Thanks for pointing it out, though. Should be enough for balloons. Not sure it's the high price, since the balloon is unlikely to need such precise positioning.

  • Does this GPS have an altitude limit (i.e. can it be used for high-altitude balloons)?

  • *spectra

  • What do you need a credit card for? In-bot purchases?

  • Can you please post data sheets for the cell and protection circuit? Thanks.

  • I was seeing this when I was limiting the current in my power supply. But I think at 700 mA it worked fine.

  • Can you publish a PDF with the mechanical dimensions of the kit, including the mounting holes? Thanks.

  • Wow, this thing is so stupidly hard to get started with. SparkFun, you've really failed miserably with this product.

  • This is awesome. Only difference I see from the springs of youth is that those were tapered, so they could "screw" into the cardboard panel that held everything in place.

  • Hobby stores are dying in my area (San Jose, CA). There's one catering to electric cars (and a bit of general R/C hobbying), and one catering to electric flight. There's definitely a cultural difference between the two markets. But it's hard to find places any more.

    Around here we have three Techshop locations. They each have a retail store. You should try to get into those. They're open 7 days a week, like 9 am to midnight.

    Radio Shack is not a bad idea, given their recent push into the Maker space. Not exactly "little box," though. There's also Fry's. I've seen Parallax stuff in Fry's, and I thought I'd seen SparkFun things there, too.

    Locally, there's also Anchor Electronics to consider.

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