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Tenet Technetronics

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English, Hindi, Tamil

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VHDL, Verilog, C, C++ , Matlab , perl, tcl


Tenet Technetronics


VLSI design

  • Hi Nate,

    Its truly amazing to see the growth of sparkfun and kudos that way that sparkfun kept the ball rolling across varying economic turbulence that exists and also inspiring a lot of companies around the world (like us)!

    Best wishes for Sparkfun's future endeavors !

    Ram Tenet Technetronics Bangalore, India

  • Hi Fran/Devin !

    It is truly delightful to see how Sparkfun maintains a great relationship with distributors !

    Fran : Wanted to acknowledge how you have supported Tenet Technetronics all these years ! We enjoyed working with you !



  • With lot of android phones still available in countries like India running at the latest android 2.1 the promising part of the product is that it works for "OS versions 1.5 and above"

  • Hi emcee,
    would this project be worth showcasing on the homepage on sparkfun ?

  • Amazing ! That inspires a of others to pack their bags to china !
    When is India on your list ?

  • Here is a video of how we used with an indian make of the arduino ! Also provided is the connection detail and the code.

  • We added a small little tutorial showing the interface to the arduino/Comet(Indian Arduino) as well as a little processing sketch to visualize the same.
    Also provided below is a link for the video

  • Hi Nate & Sparkfun Team ,
    Its really a great showcase of how one can build a solid business with this kind of growth !
    Congrats !!!
    Tenet Technetronics

  • Sure you will get to see a different world and a whole lot of places to visit !

  • Hey Nate,
    That looks great !
    I would be happy to invite you to India as well to explore this part of the world !

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