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  • Yep, I bought this to go with the old-school LiPo Charger/Booster (PRT-10300). Gave the device prototype to a user and the PRT-10300 connector was snapped off within 48 hrs. Too tight a fit.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a cable that will be a little less snug?

  • I'd like to connect a serial device that has a female plug (much like a Weather Underground station) to my Arduino. The Arduino just needs to receive data (a short burst of ASCII every minute at 9600 baud); it doesn't need to transmit. I guess I want my Arduino to be a DTE, not a DCE?

    There's no male version of the DB9 component (like PRT-00429) sold to go with this board. So ... can I get a ribbon cable instead, with the DB9 connector (PRT-11156), and just solder the leads directly to this board? Which pins should I solder to which holes? Or, is this overkill, and all I need to do is make a voltage divider to step the 12v from the device down to 5v?

  • Do you have a schematic you'd be willing to share with those of us who've never used a FET to control anything? We're interested in benchmarking this sensor, and have some CO calibration gas, but limited electronics skill. We've got it running just fine with constant 5V current, can sample changes in the response with the Arduino's ADC, but want to cycle power as you did (slow sinusoid wave).