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  • The cat said that when the bluebird tweets, you can get a treat from these things

  • The Arduino should have been a none starter, proprietary interface and C++ software environment but where they compensated for this was the simple light on, light off examples, in a plug and go environment and the Atmel GCC community. You can start simply but are not limited in complexity.
    With the PICs although it?s there as well, it just looks more difficult. Similarly the Parallax Propeller, good development software, DIP format but a proprietary language and six processors to deal with.
    All Microchip needs to do to regain some ground is unify its C compilers into one product with a descent user friendly hardware library and give it away, preferably un-LIMITED. Many new users fail with Microchip C compilers because they don?t understand that when you change chip, you may need to recompile the hardware libraries for example. Microchip has 32 bit, ZigBee or Ethernet in an easy step away, plus all under 20 dollars.

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