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  • The Heaterizer manual is one of my favorite manuals of all time. I've recommended the Heaterizer to others based purely on the manual.

    I bought one for the lab I was working at, to get people to stop using the hot air reflow station for heat-shrinking. It was so popular, we quickly ordered 4 more. I think the manual is still taped to one of the work stations there.

  • Perhaps I'm missing something, but that's 15A @ 5V, or 75 watts. That's ~0.6A at 120v (the voltage of a house circuit). That's well under the 15A breakers on most residential circuits. Given inefficiencies in your AC/DC supply though, you might draw something like 0.7-0.8A from the wall in real world situations.

    15A is a lot for a low voltage supply though.

  • What part of the connector wears out? One of my favorite things about USB uB is that they moved the latching pins to the cable.

    I had many a phone with miniB that wore out the latches internally, and nothing could fix that short of replacing the device or voiding my warranty.

    I've had a couple uB cables wear out their latches on me, but a cable is cheap to replace compared to the device itself.

  • I agree with this guy ^. I'd rather pay my share of shipping and have SparkFun use that money towards either the employees, cool new projects, or (my favorite) more Education/outreach projects.

  • Does anyone know if there's any RF leaking from the transmitter when its in RX mode? I'm looking to set up a wireless system in an RF sensitive environment, and need recievers that will sit quietly until triggered by an incomming start transmission.

  • Do these have serrated jaws or smooth? The pictures don''t show the jaws well enough to tell.

  • Awesome! However, I'm currently not furloughed, and as awesome as these kits are, I sincerely hope I don't have the opportunity to qualify for this.

    I find it saddening at the current state of our government, and what the shutdown has done to science in our country. I'm a Radio Astronomer and Electronics Engineer, and I am working at one of the last running Radio Observatories in the US, and it could be any day now that we have to shut down. And the shut down is a tricky proposition. Without constant monitoring, the Cryogenics or our Hydrogen Maser time reference could become damaged, which could cost thousands to hundreds of thousands to repair.

  • I totally agree with your sentiment! I learned how to do SMD work following SparkFun's tutorials, and now I don't want to go back ;) It's also become a very useful skill, in high demand at the university research lab I work. Same thing with the Eagle tutorials as well :)

  • Anyone know where to get a similar 9 pin cable? I want to use one to prototype with and another to wire into place in the final enclosure.
    I haven't seen one similar in SFE's inventory here.

  • Thinking about purchasing. Are the Audio output lines broken out to something other than the jack?