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  • I'm unclear on whether the listed parts are a set we get to take home at the end of the day or parts we can expect to work with during the class.
    Thank you!

  • Old news, I know. But I had the thought today that perhaps those poor lawyers have you confused with the Spark IM platform:
    Which would also be amazingly regrettable on their part.
    I wonder if this is the same organization which felt spamming the entire world, including the nation of Java, over the use of Sun's trademark "Java" was a good idea.

  • I'm with the other commenters on you timing. I know you're calling it at that point because of the side betters -- but as one of apparently 69,000 people who pressed the button as your timer rolled over, you actually finished free day in 1 second and it took you an hour and 48 minutes to finish processing the 1000th order.... and something like 2 hours to finish notifying the rest of us that we hadn't made it.
    These kinds of things really make me question the power of "free"... not that it isn't a great idea and a wonderful gift for those who get it. But the trade off for 1000 ecstatic people (Please don't gloat!) is 69,000 disappointed, bemused, frustrated, possibly bitter people. Is that really better than finding 100 school programs to give $1000 of free product to?