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  • Note: VDDCORE is tied to 3.3V on this board, which causes it to use too much current (~60mA awake, ~30mA asleep). Cut the trace from SAMD21G pin 43 to get much lower power usage (13mA awake, ~110uA sleep is achievable). SparkFun, if you revise the board, please fix this. Your other SAMD21 boards don't have VDDCORE pulled high.

  • It seems that the jumpers connect DIO1 and DIO2 to the microcontroller, which is needed for use with LoRaWAN libraries like LMIC. For point-to-point LoRa communication, like what's provided with RadioHead libraries, those are not needed. RadioHead is currently only configured for LoRa usage with this radio module (but not LoRaWAN, if I understand correctly). So either way, you will use LoRa, but connection to TTN for instance probably won't work without those jumpers closed.

  • Plug it in to your computer via USB and try quickly double-tapping the reset button if you haven't already, then see if your computer recognizes it.

  • Having issues getting this to work consistently with a SparkFun SAMD21 LoRa Pro RF board. Best case, it will run for several seconds, then the readings will freeze. Various settings of timing budget and intermeasurement period did not make a difference. Most of the time it doesn't make it past the first library function call in the setup function.

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