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  • Got the same problem. Very often (but not always) I got the 65536 (=2^16) for the accelarations. It's not a problem for me, because I don't need them, but the wakeup-threshold is also not plausible. Maybe that the same cause?

  • Lars: Is it possible to replace the EM408 GPS module with SUP500F 10Hz GPS module?
    Don't know the SUP500, but with the venus 10Hz the tracker is working. There are some softwareadjustments necessary, because of different baud rate, update-rate, bin vs. ascii commands, etc.)

  • Ready to use for what?
    There is no build-in monitoring system.

  • Hi,
    has the layout been changed for the new accelerometer? Is it possible to replace the ADXL345 with LIS302? I'll really do need fully working Trackers for my dissertation.

  • Hi,
    the 345 works now for logging, but not for the "freefall" wakeup event.
    I also do have to format the SD-card each time I want use a new FW. Without formating the tracker just turns on the green light an does nothing.

  • Thanks a lot for fast support!!!

  • Hi,
    the firmware 1.4 is not working with the new Accelerometer Type 345!!! Please please upload a working one. I bought 10 Package Tracker and they have to work tomorow!

  • Hi,
    are also international orders possible? I normally order my stuff at your german distributor, but for saving 100$ I will pay the german duty by myself. ;)
    kind regards

  • Hi,
    I'm interessed in logging with the package tracker at 10Hz. Did you get it integrated succesfully?

  • Thanks for answer! I missunterstood the Reaquisition (0.1s) of the 408 and thought that a 10Hz Logging-Rate would be possible.
    Am I right, that only the Venus634LPx has a 10Hz Refreshing Rate?

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