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  • I had a question about the output this sensor gives off... I'm using it with a basic stamp 2pe microcontroller and haven't been sure how to convert the analog output into lux. Is there a specific equation I have to use for this or are there several (like ones that include temperature, etc)?

  • Hi, I am a team leader in a community college course sending HAB payloads up on a weather balloon. Before this class, I had zero experience with circuits or electronics, so this is all new to me. My team is trying to send an XTend 900 module up in our payload, which would be communicating with a second XTend 900 module plugged into our laptop on the ground during the flight.

    I have wired the modules up, one to a serial connector to our PCB board (with a Basic Stamp 2pe microcontroller), and the other to the SparkFun RS232 Shifter - SMD, which was recommended, and this is plugged into our laptop via a serial to USB cable. From the shifter: I have wired red (Vcc) to the module's 2 pin, black (GND) to the 1 pin, TX-O on the shifter to the pin 5 (Data In) on the module, and the RX-I on the shifter to the pin 6 (Data Out) on the module. I get no voltage across the red and black pins when this is plugged into the laptop. Do I need to wire a separate battery into this somehow? If so, how/where would i do that?

    On the PCB board: I have wired the module to a serial connector, which connects to another serial connector to the board via a 4-pin molex connection. I get around 4 volts across the red and black pins on that module when it is connected to the board, battery on.

    I have downloaded the XCTU software from DIGI.com for the modules, but when I try to connect to the modules, nothing happens.

    I really need help, and any suggestions on how to get the modules working would be very appreciated. Our payload has to be ready for launch in less than 2 weeks.



    I never got the modules working for last semester, but I'm trying again this semester (Spring 2016), so any help would still be much appreciated!


  • Hi, I'm part of a class building HAB payloads as part of a college NASA grant, and we will be launching mid November. My team purchased two of these modules to use in our project, one for the payload, one for us on the ground. We don't know how to hook them up though. Need to hook one up to a circuit board we etched in class (has a Basic Stamp2pe microcontroller and two 3-wire molex connectors free) and need to hook the other one up to a laptop (serial connection) to recieve signals from the payload during flight. Keep running into the term UART in datasheets... is this a separate board I need to get for the two modules? Any practical suggestions on how to wire these modules up would be great! Thanks

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