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  • Any feedback of how does it perform in sunlight? I want to use it for short-range altitude sensor in drones, would be happy with < 1 m range but need a ~cm accuracy, otherwise I would just use ultrasound.

    According to the datasheet, in short-range mode, it can measure up to 135 cm (good enough for me) with "strong ambient light" elsewhere defined as " lighting on a sunny day from behind a window, with direct illumination on the sensor" which sounds well but because there are truths, lies and datasheets, I just would like a more practical feedback from someone who tried in his backyard.

  • There is a sensor datasheet, but isn't there a module datasheet as I'd like it for my own design?

  • Has anybody an idea of the range indoors? of course it would be approximate and environment dependent... I'm trying to develop an application where I need some 80-100m (240-300 ft), is that possible with this?

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