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  • I measured 5.7 ohms on the larger 5 x 15 cm pads. The maximum temp I got with 5 vdc supply was 33 degrees Celsius which is way below spec (should be over 60 C after ten minutes. I used a digital and a glass mercury thermometer. If I used a 12 vdc supply I measured 70 C.

  • I tested two large heating pads, recently purchased and they do NOT meet published specs. Using a 5 volt supply capable of 2.4 amps output rating and used two separate thermometers (one digital with themocouple and the other glass mercury) and the maximum temperature reading I got after ten minutes was only 33 degrees Celsius. According to the temperature profile it should reach over 60 Celsius. A far cry from the published specs. The manufacturer in China probably stuck Sparkfun with some sub standard product. I used a 12 volt power supply which brought the temperature to 70 Celsius.

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