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After years of thinking and talking about it, this year the Hackaday Supercon finally released an FPGA-based badge.

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Last week, we showed a classroom of fifty-five developers how easy it is to work with the SparkFun Edge Development Board using the Arduino IDE. Now we want to show you, too!

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Illuminate your world!

A brief introduction to the ins and outs of LEDs.

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When it comes to proximity and distance sensing, LiDAR has a lot to offer. With Garmin's LiDAR-Lite v4, there are some new features and advances you're definitely going to want to see.

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GPS has been getting updates not just 20,000 km overhead, but here on Earth, as well.

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What good is a controller without a gaming console? What good is a a cold drink without snacks? What falls out of my brain when left unsupervised?

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The End of an Era

With news that Maker Media has paused all operations and laid off its entire staff, what does this mean for the maker community?

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Want to learn more about the weather than just whether or not the sun is out? The SparkFun micro:climate kit for micro:bit lets you measure, view and record the weather around you.

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Taking what I've learned about LED color mixing and Python, along with our LumiDrive LED Driver and LuMini LED Ring, I set out to create a light ring for macro photography that surpasses all others.

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Last week, we took a look at using the digital pins on our new LumiDrive LED Driver. This week, we'll play with the analog pins, and see if we can't put something together using both!

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If you're looking to try coding in Python, especially as it translates to the world of physical computing, the SparkFun LumiDrive is a great way to get started.

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Which came first, the function or the form? Regardless of the course your build takes from start to finish, there's no reason it can't be seen as both technology and art.

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With the speed that technology changes and advances, products can't be expected to remain on the market forever. But what happens when a product's retirement interferes with your project?

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Technology is making it easier and faster to do business, share information, and even argue with strangers around the world, but I believe there's more to it than that.

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Chances are, you may never use all 16 million colors available to you with your RGB LEDs. But whatever colors you use, you should know how to smoothly fade from one color to another. And thanks to the wonders of math, now you can!

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As makers, the more avenues of inspiration we have, the broader our library of projects will be. From the obvious to the unusual, inspiration can be drawn from almost anywhere.

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It's time to bounce that old tennis ball out of your garage, and up your game with this simple project that lets you know exactly where to stop when pulling in to your garage.

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Let's face it, as much as we love Arduino, there are some things it just can't do. To branch out, let's take a look at a little bit of Python.

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is made for makers. Whether your thing is an over-the-top, automated yard display, an amazing cosplay costume, or a beautifully carved pumpkin with an RGB LED light show emanating from it, this holiday lets us build things not because they're practical or necessary, but because they are fun!

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With just a handful of parts and a couple of hours of work, you can easily repulse all of your co-workers at this year's office Halloween party!

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What type of proximity sensor is best suited to your next project? We've put together a Proximity Sensor Comparison Guide to help you choose the right tool for the job!

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This week, we take a look at the amazing new Xbox Adaptive Controller, and throw together a ridiculous project that barely scratches the surface of its capabilities.

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Hello, World!

Meet SparkFun's newest creative technologist!

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How about some drone-style footage, indoors and without a drone? With a 3D printer and a few simple components, it might be easier than it sounds!

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Thanks, Othermill!

Great customer service fixed our registration issue.

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Programming the SparkFun Edge with Arduino

December 9, 2019

Running low-power machine learning examples on the SparkFun Edge can now be done using the familiar Arduino IDE. In this follow-up to the initial Edge tutorial, we'll look at how to get three examples up and running without the need to learn an entirely new SDK.
  • Thanks for catching that! We had it in the YouTube description, but it slipped my mind here. If you refresh the page, you should see it now. And for the record, I too have blown through my fair share of neons and incandescents.

  • Great write up, and this sounds like a great way to spend a June day. I will definitely have to catch it next year!

  • TBH, for this demo, I simply used the MakeCode Editor. However, MicroPython is pretty straightforward, and there's great documentation for its use on the micro:bit here [ https://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ ].

    To use a second micro:bit as a receiver, I just used the radio command set. In microPython, it would probably mean adding something like this to the board on the micro:climate kit: radio.send("Windspeed is ", weatherbit.windSpeed())

    Then on the receiver, all you need, no matter how many values you send, is new_message = radio.receive() display.scroll("Windspeed is", new_message)

    (Doing this off the top of my head, so it may not be exactly right, but it's close.) Definitely check out the micro:bit MicroPython page, in particular the radio section. That should help!

    Happy Hacking!

  • Rats, I did say byte, didn't I? Sorry, that one's totally on me. It should be Megabit per second. Good catch, thank you!

  • YES!

  • I love a good project that stems from necessity, and yours is a great one! And I completely understand the whole "if we can see a wire and a battery, and heaven forbid, a CIRCUIT BOARD - it MUST be an explosive device!" mentality. I want to bring a fully assembled BigTime Watch to a friend back east, but I know if I try to fly with it, I'll wind up in TSA jail!

  • It is definitely the same for me. My personal project stove has about fifty back burners, and maybe two or three at the front. I also tend to complete a project through proof of concept - hey look, it works! - the then leave it not quite finished as I jump to the next idea.

  • Glad you like it! The plan is to continue to take our components, and build them into practical projects like this. Hopefully it can inspire people to come up with ideas of what they can create next, once they've mastered the basics.

  • Thank you for that, and it absolutely doesn't feel like an attack at all. With most projects I do, even once it's up and running, I always feel like improvements could be made to my code. (That's especially true when pushing to meet a deadline, as is the case with every one of my posts.) If I recall, I think I kept stopLimit as a variable in case I had time to add a stopLImit Up and stopLimit Down button as inputs to more easily adjust that distance for the user. But if the user is a maker who's going to be putting it all together themselves, they could just as easily change the #define STOP_LIMIT number within their own code. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Absolutely! If I had ten more minutes before this was due, that would have been the first addition I would have made to the code.

SparkFun Edge AIoT Setup

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Parts needed for the 2019 ARM AIoT Tensorflow Magic Wand class


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Liter Bottle Car

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STEM Camp 8-12 Grade

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A Halloween build for serving wretched food, or even...

Boy Scout LED Slide Project

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Electronics components for creating a neckerchief slide that...

Secret Magic Boat Doors

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World Cup-inspired CableCam using a handful of parts and...

Hack Music LA 2017

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List of components for this years Hack Music LA. I've added...

GoCart Warning System

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Here's the list of parts to make the Visual Indicator...

LuMini Ring Light

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Using the LumiDrive LED Driver and a 3" LuMini RGB LED Ring,...

TFmini Stop Light

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Trouble judging how far to pull the car into the garage?...