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How about some drone-style footage, indoors and without a drone? With a 3D printer and a few simple components, it might be easier than it sounds!

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    I think because I was running the travel motor pretty much non-stop, there was enough power being drawn to keep the battery from powering down. (During the design/build phase, that was a concern I had as well.) As long as the battery’s circuit detects a certain amount of current draw, it will remain powered up. It would stink if the entire thing powered down mid-span!

  • As much as I want to say yes, the answer is currently no. With the FAA’s recent (some might say overbearing) interest in civilian UAVs, we’re currently keeping relegated to keeping our vehicles on the ground. It breaks my heart a little, too, because I have a design I have been dying to try.

  • 2010 - Sparkfun holds their first (and sadly, last) Antimov Competition. Competitors created robots determined to break at least one, but hopefully not all three, of Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Unfortunately, 2010 saw an incredibly dry summer, and the fire ban that was in place definitely put a damper on some of the more potentially spectacular entries. Attempts were also made to blow things up in an old thrift store microwave oven, but it turned out to be DOA. Still, a great time was had by all! (And many of us are still eagerly awaiting the second Antimov ompetition!)

  • My wife and kids recently found a kit for making cement stepping stones at a hobby store, and for a greatly discounted price. It comes with white cement and a bunch of tumbled, colored glass. Naturally, my first thought was to embed a solar panel, photocell, and LEDs in it, so that it charges during the day, and is illuminated through the colored glass at night. Thanks for letting me know it’s possible!

  • No, there are no libraries needed! If you take a look over at the MaxBotix website, they have a page dedicated to using the sensors in an Arduino environment. Happy Hacking!

  • We didn’t point it out, but the number range on the dial is 0-99, so you may want to edit your second number.

  • And don’t forget that sweet pint glass, filled with the shattered remains of robots and dreams.

  • Sorry to hear that the switch failed on you. Contact our tech Support team at techsupport@sparkfun.com, and they can help you with a replacement if you’d like.


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