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  • i used this finger print scanner, an arduino, a mini-itx motherboard running linux, and an electronic door strike to make a fingerprint access system for my house to open my front door. the arduino drives everything, and the user database is stored on the mini-itx puter. it has a 4x20 lcd, super bright rgb status led, displays customizable messages on the lcd upon entry, and also text messages other users on the system when people come home. the scanner, led and lcd screen are packaged in a cool skull outside my front door. the user database is managed via a web application, and you can also unlock the door over the internet. i am working on having it play 10 seconds of your favorite song over speakers when you come home. i wrote the software in php, python and processing. if anyone is interested i can share some pics and video of it being built and in action, and also share some code if desired. chris - sleekmountaincat at gmail dot com

  • hi sorry for the delay, i posted that comment and forgot to go back and look if any one had replied! i’ll send this to your email as well, but will post the answer here for others. like i said, i am a newbie so please dont get mad at my inept “schematics”.
    on the fim, use jp1 (also labeled power).
    pin - destination
    1 - power (+5v)
    2 - rs-232 rx
    3 - rs-232 tx
    4 - ground
    5 - ground
    6 - power (+5v)
    7 - power (+5v)
    8 - power (+5v)
    9 - ground
    you have to pull pins 6, 7, and 8 high cause when they are low they trip different functions. (use that method if you want limited capability but no serial interface)
    for the serial communication, i used an arduino microcontroller and the newsoftserial library, with a ttl-rs232 converter circuit between the arduino and the fim. for that circuit i used a max232acpe.
    hope this helps!

  • relative electronics newbie, spent some time and figured this out. willing and able to help if you have questions.

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