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  • Ok so Nate said we needed to get sharks with lasers attached to their heads. But lasers are too expensive so we went with a open source soldering iron of mass destruction instead.

  • Moments before the teaching room was destroyed."The war head for the missile you will be assembling today is very robust and safe. Watch as I bang its trigger mechanism on the desk. "

  • While looking over the plans I couldn't help but notice a a few possible oversights. The I.T. room is located in the middle of the building. Colorado is very cold during winter, Why not take advantage of this? You could use some form of water cooling system to save on electricity costs.

    Also no mention of any fun removable flooring in the I.T. room.

    I see also there are plans for a neat light control system, but this is another area you could be saving $ and making employees happy with natural sunlight. All that roof space and not a single skylight in the building plans.

    My last concern has to do with safety. I see no mention of any emergency power cut buttons or switches in the I.T. room or production area. Is this planned and not documented yet? The ability to shut down sections of the production area during a emergency could pay out should something go wrong. ( Pick and place going crazy, Re-flow oven fire etc)

    Other then that the building looks great :)

  • Having a but of trouble getting a random number out of this :/ I know I'm doing something wrong I want to plug one of these into my server and make java random numbers a but more random :)

  • It has always been a myth that pc users were riding on the shoulders of apple users. Today we bring actual proof that this is true.

  • I see a CE stamp on this. but no product name or manufacturer? How can we tell if this really is CE tested? I've seen a ton of these battery packs that are designed poorly and are basically portable disasters you can put in your pocket.

  • Have you cracked open one of these yet to see what type of battery these have in them? An Internals photo would be nice to see. I purchased something similar from china on ebay with a mini solar panel, when I opened it up I was shocked to find it had no fuse or thermal protection on the batteries.

  • The stress of the upcoming free day at sparkfun has really started to take its toll on the employees.

  • Hi I'm the new hire for the new assembly position...

    Take the sword of 1000 truths and the shield of poster board. You will need it to defeat Nate. Here is a chart of his known weaknesses.

    umm what?

    (the hazing rituals at sparkfun are always a bit hard on the new guy)

  • Are these like the transducers that were sold on thinkgeek?
    What kind of frequencies do you get from these?
    The ones from think geek had no bass to them at all.
    I would love to get a pair and review them :)

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