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  • No worries...

  • Sparkfun: Nice board. You might want to consider putting a square solder pad on Pin #1 so that someone can tell which pins are #1.

  • I just looked at this book at my local Borders book store. This book only covers the Series 2 XBee boards. It does not cover the Series 1 XBee boards. They make this disclaimer explicitly in the very first chapter.
    Buyer be aware!

  • Thank you Spark Fun for having the class and thoughtfulness to give back to your customers and charity organizations. $180K is a lot of cash!

    I was logged in two hours before Free Day started. About 5 minutes before the event started I was logged out. I managed to log in again about 10 after 9:00 and was able to choose to take the quiz. Once I chose to take the quiz I could not get a response from the server for the next � hour so I went to lunch (11:30AM EST). When I got back I was able to start the quiz. I managed to get 4 questions completed but on the 5th questions it would always hang. There was about 50% of the funds remaining and then all of a sudden within 30 seconds all of the funds were depleted and Free day was over. I could not figure out what happened??!! I did manage to get $40 so I'm really happy with that. It was fun to be part of this Free Day and fun anticipating this day for the last few weeks.

    I would like to thank Spark Fun for putting the event together. I know some people are not happy but you can't please everyone.

    With all the people complaining this reminds me of a situation we had a work many years ago. The company used to give free fuel to the employees for their personal vehicles. You could have as much free fuel as you needed with no questions asked. Well, some of the employees who lived close to work started to complain that the guys who lived farther away from work were getting more free fuel than they were. These employees that were complaining asked to be compensated for getting less fuel by way of a pay increase or time off from work. Can you believe that!!!!???? The company was so disgusted with their attitude they canceled the free fuel program for everyone.

    Spark Fun, please don't cancel Free Day, it was a lot of fun!!!!

    P.S. I'd really love to see the statistics of how many hits the servers were getting, etc...

  • I tried this board with the NXP LPCXpress programmer and IDE.
    Everything works great!
    For about $80.00 ($50.00 for this board and $30.00 for the NXP programmer you can have a really nice M3 development setup. It is Code Limited to 128K but that is more than enough for me).

  • Has anyone used this LCD with an mBed? If so, could you post some sample code?

  • Is this Blueboard LPC1768-H compatible with the LPC Xpresso development envoronment and programmer/debugger?
    Has anyone tried it?

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