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  • Works perfectly, nice form factor, and even has a place to solder on headers exposing the roomba serial port signals if you want to experiment with hooking up a microcontroller to your roomba instead of USB.
    One thing to note if you're planning on running anything off of the +15.6v roomba battery and ground connections from the roomba's serial port is that roomba limits the current supplied to these lines to ~500ma, and drawing more than that seems to trigger a protect state that won't reset until you remove the load.

  • What a great little chip. With ~5 external passive components, you can make a switched-mode power supply that will give you lower, higher or opposite polarity DC from DC input. You can also use an external power transistor to deliver way more than the ~500ma the chip alone will supply (I'm currently using it in this configuration to power a ~3a 5v load from a 20v rechargeable battery pack.)
    Not to mention that unlike a linear regulator, you can power loads over a hundred mA or so without burning yourself or having a completely ridiculous heatsink.
    Best design resource I found was http://www.nomad.ee/micros/mc34063a/index.shtml... it's a javascript calculator for the component values in the basic circuits presented in the datasheet given your application parameters (VIN, VOUT, IOUTmax, etc.)

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