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  • Product BOB-09370 | last year

    It’s not other people’s fault if you don’t do due diligence.

  • Product WRL-00151 | about 4 years ago

    Wow - using mts for meters is very bad for readability. I come from New Zealand (i.e. I use the metric system all the time), and even I had no idea what it stood for. Sparkfun: correct SI style is to use ’m' to represent meters; preferably with a space between the number and the unit.

  • News - Gearbox Hack Weekend Boul… | about 4 years ago

    Sorry, you get ticketed for running a red light? You do realize that running a red light is illegal? That’s like complaining that you get arrested for theft.

  • Product TOL-08699 | about 4 years ago

    Yeah, it would be really nice to know more about this element.
    I’m currently making a reflow soldering element, which involves a 240V PWM’d output (and also a 12V 20A pwm’d output, but this would only give 240W). Note that the base station is separate from the actual hot-plate element. It would be nice if I could just use this element and a tip to create a cheap add-on for the base station that would allow me to do Hot-air reworking.

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