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  • Godspeed to you, oh bearded emperor of new products. Fridays will never be the same! wipes tears

  • Got one of these from the Kickstarter.

    They work really well and the ink is really durable. My 4yo daughter can use it with little help and has learned a lot about electricity (and power outage!) thanks to this neat product. The ink does not smear and dries almost instantly; it’s like using a croyola felt pen.

  • Ford Sync. Try and update that thing. JUST TRY.

  • I played with a few of those on an earlier project. They’re easy to rip appart and embbed in an enclosure. The display itself is not very good (but WAY better than any vga/composite lcd that can be found on ebay) but the brightness is good. Beware the weird resolution.

    I’ve got a semi-busted one (the housing is fragile) acting as a picture frame, I’m planning to connect it to the Pi I’ve duct tapped to a usb hub.