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  • i know this unit is powered via 12 auto battery (or power supply), I have an J1939 emulator an am working on a J1939 design, my emulator is 24V (as is most heavy duty vehicles). looking at the schematic the LM317 will handle the 24V as well as the LM339, and the voltage divider on pin 27 BATT_V calculates to 3.33V. it should work, has anyone trued it? my only concern is the power dissipation of the LM339 I am afraid it will get very hot. then there is also the MMBT2222, may have to update the resistor.

  • Request for board change: it would be noce to have test points for some of the pins on the chip that this board is not using, for testing purposes. such as pin 15 PWR_CTRL, Pin 9 ~Sleep, etc.... or use an SOIC chip so we can tack a wire on it

  • Actually i need the one it mates with right now. But if i have one of the part numbers of either the mate or the one on here i can get the other. ultimatly i will need both.

  • What is the part number for the 6-pin mini-ICSP mating connector??

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