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Country: United States

  • Nice! What else have they been doing i DK? :)
    It’s kinda funny to see Denmark mentioned where you least expect it.

  • Would i be able to connect to this with my Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 device and make an app for it that talks to it like was it a serial port?
    (aka. does WM recognice a SPP device?)
    Grats, Martin Munk :)

  • I’m not sure if i owersaw this, but can we get a screenshot of the UI?

  • Hey there.
    I don’t know if this belongs in the forum or out here but:
    Is this what i need if i want to use a windows mobile device without a serial port as a front end for a project of mine.
    I.E: Can i connect to this via bluetooth and speak to it like was it a regular serial port, or is it a bluetooth modem i am looking for?
    Thanks, martin munk :)

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