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  • I have the older Olimex ICD2 PGM-00005. Funny if I plug that number in I get the newer version (diff PGM number).

    Question is I need drivers for it on Win7 64 bit. Where do I find these?

  • Resolved….the issue was with having a floating Rx pin on the UAV Dev Board UART. With the other device hooked up to the Rx of the UART and the FTDI hooked up to the TX of the UART (and GND/Vcc to both devices) it all works fine. Bottom line is you can make the FTDI run with only 3 wires, Vcc to VCCIO (if needed) GND and TX from UART.

  • I need to use the Rx on the UART for another device and only use the FTDI to grab the Tx of the UART.
    When I have both the Rx and Tx connected FTDI UART (reversed of course), it works fine. If I remove the wire to the FTDI Tx coming from the Rx from the UART, it is jibberish.
    I have the solder blob removed and supply 5V to the VCCIO pin of the FTDI.
    Does the Tx pin of the FTDI need to be pulled up or grounded or something?
    Thanks for any help.

  • Looks like registration link broken. Also, is it $30 to just watch (no airframe to compete)?

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