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  • If you're looking at the pin-side of the unit (NOT the USB-B connector side) with the pins closest to the bottom of the unit, the pin mapping is: (leftmost: braided wiring connector) (2nd from left: black/GND) (3rd from left: green/D-) (4th from left: white/D+) (rightmost pin: red/+%V)

    Another way to make sure the unit is oriented the right way for the pinout is to look at the USB connector side, the white triangle on the connector should be on the top. I'm sure this is the pinout because I took a USB cable, cut it in half then used the wires and a multimeter to map the wires to the pins- the PDF in the document linked to above doesn't orient to map pin 1, and the pinout described elsewhere in the comments is just wrong.

  • Maybe my expectations are too high for a $30 board, but as an amateur I'm not sure when I'm looking at a schematic for the DC-DC converter module itself or when I'm looking at the schematic for the breakout board. Does anyone have any sample circuits using this? I'm specifically looking to drop down to 5V, but unclear about the use of all the pinouts.