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  • -- will it be possible in future to do a firmware-update over BLE ?

    -- Bluetooth Mesh would be really really nice in future

  • the software installation does not work,

    the board manager url does not exist:

  • the links you provided for schematic and datasheet are "dead": --> -->

    the referring github repo seems to be empty: -->

  • Hi, is it possible to communicate between several "Photons" without a WLAN-router ? for example: one of the "Photons" works as a access-point and the others are the clients ?

  • So this is a Cortex-M0-MCU PLUS a BLE-Module PLUS an antenna, right ?

    So I do not understand why this is compared here with any cheap $3-Bluetooth-Modules from China (?)

  • I am not really sure, why this is called IoT ?
    (Slogan "IoT for connecting Everyone and Everything"),
    since you can not connect with BLE to the Internet (or at least e.g. to a home based router / AP) ...

    another question for me is:
    how can I use the
    "Simblee COMM ad-hoc bi-directional communication between any number of devices" - mode,
    like it is described within their Datasheet v1.0 on page 7 ..
    (point to multipoint / mesh network).
    I can not find anything or any functions for that in their libraries... (?)

  • Unfortunately, the SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout doesn't breakout the SPI header, used by the arduino SPI library.... :-( What about that ?

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