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  • What I'd love to see is the short run Pick-n-Place business. Something like BatchPCB or Seeedstudio but for using a PnP. They post standard tooling sizes (like standard board sizes they can run easily, maybe some jigs for other sizes) and reel sizes. I send them a stack of boards and a bunch of labeled reels and they load it up on the PnP and place everything.

  • You left out someone! The stack picture shows Spino and Seismo, the unnamed LBs, and the 5 R410s, but who is the R410 between the LB and Seismo??

  • The assembly house I worked in last summer had a machine that would stencil on solder paste, then send the board down the line to the PnP then to the reflow oven. This was done using two separate machines (the solder stenciler and the PnP), I'd think having the two in one would be unnecessary, although for low volume situations like SparkFun, it's probably worth looking into.
    ( I say low volume because the place I worked at took a stack of PCBs, laid down solder, placed a couple hundred components, reflowed, optically verified key components, and did this 400 times in a 3 hour period. All automated too :) )

  • +1 for a wiki, in a way its more organized than a forum (can be anyway)
    If you get a wiki up, I'll help moderate it ^_^

  • I so want to go just to watch and shoot the breeze with SparkFun employees. Now.. to figure out how much a round trip plane ticket from Minneapolis to Denver is..