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  • Okay, hooked it up, and instead of a nice solid green dot, i got a dot surrounded by a scattering of green light. The scattered light pattern is awfully wide (~1 foot in radius from the center at about 6-8 feet distance) and noticeable; it just doesn’t have that pinpoint dot feel like a laser should.
    I think it’s the lens; i’ve tried adjusting it up and down, but that doesn’t make the pattern any better or worse, just rotates it on the wall. It looks really pretty, sure, but it’s not what i had in mind, ya know?
    Does anyone else think/know if it might be the laser’s lens? As in, is my problem unique and could be solved with a new lens, or is this diffraction simply the norm and i had my expectations too high?
    With SFE I would guess the former, but with my luck it’s the latter. Anyway, somebody please clear this up for me.

  • I’m the one who suggested the 25 pack of yellow LEDs. In the comments on the page for the single yellow LED, i think.
    So, yeah.

  • Why is there no 25 piece set of “Super Bright LED - Yellow”? I see singles, and this page is of course the 100 pack, but there’s no 25 piece set for the Super Bright Yellow, even though the other “Super Bright” colors have them (Red, Blue, Green, etc…)
    So, in conclusion, please make a 25 piece set of these (Yellow) LEDs like you have for the other Super Bright LEDs, so that i might buy them and be happy.
    Thank you.

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