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  • I have found the Sparkfun.dru Design Rules files from Github:(https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_Eagle_Settings) do not load in version 8.3.2, it gives the error: "Parse error in design rules File" (directory) "line 1", is there a way to modify it to work in 8.3.2?

  • "All the shields that fully implement the Arduino R3 layout are compatible straight away" - how is this possible? All of the boards for the Uno use 5V. 5V for I2C, Serial, SPI to name a few things. Can you explain this further?

  • Then you should NOT advertise: "The programmer even breaks out the IC pins to female headers so you can easily prototype around the ATtiny without pulling and plugging it over and over. " That is the SOLE reason I purchased it. If it doesn't work like you advertised then I'll ask for a refund.

  • Is it true that you cannot use I2C communications when the chip is installed and the USB is connected to the PC? I saw in a review that a customer could not use I2C this way? Thanks.

  • In what case do you need to be concerned about bootloaders? Thanks!

  • FYI For non-power circuits this is likely not enough sensitivity. On the scale: 185mV / 1A, this is equivalent to 38 A/D counts per amp for 10 bit (1024 count) resolution (Arduino). That is equivalent to 26mA per A/D count resolution, as the A/D works at 4.9 mV / count. Could you make a more sensitive version?

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