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  • I've completed and submitted a more useful datasheet. Hopefully they'll have it on here soon.

  • Hi guys,
    The weird data sheet is my fault. I wrote it and provided it to SparkFun with the expectation that they'd clean it up a bit before distributing it. What you're seeing is part of a collection of notes I made to myself in Notepad for the design of a weather station around these sensors. I think the table formatting got clobbered by conversion to Word. raweb is exactly right that the table shows ADC readings for a voltage divider with different resistor values. I forgot that was in there when I sent it off, which is why it isn't explained in the document.
    If there are any technical questions I can answer, let me know.

  • You can get by with 6 I/O lines for an HD44780. Just keep the RW pin pulled low (assuming you don't need to read from the display) and connect only the high 4 data lines. You'll need to send it a command to put the bus into 4-bit mode, and of course you'll have to write to it one nybble at a time, but that's not hard to do.

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