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  • What if your colorblind like myself can I still buy it .. hehe

  • Low Watt Mood Lighting Master

  • This is the best tool i have ever purchased ... Its like magic make sure you get the sparkfun tweezers too and some helping hands. It is so nice to be able to control the temp of air that touches the part. Keep the warping down.. Thaks sparkfun!

  • It is better to keep is small and simple. Gordon Ramsey method. I have worked for a major retailer in the inventory and freight departments and I can tell you it is hard to predict what will be popular out side of the normal seasonal items. There is also a system called CAR (Computer Automated Replenishment) this can reorder inventory based on trends and trigger levels. It is a bear still to keep it working properly because it doesn't know if you have damaged or dented products.. or if someone sent out the wrong items and you shrank in some area.. so there is a lot of maintenance. So my point is simple is better and profitable.

  • Sparktamus Prime - With Phase Plasma Rifle and KungFu ACTION!

  • Thats a hard question to answer. Is it open.. Yes and no. The GPU has a open source driver being developed at You can source the chip from All winner as you have pointed out. It is a chip found a lot of portable Android tablets. I have a few of them. I think it is a pretty snappy chip for its cost. There are a few issues that I have run into with the tablets. Most are issues with Read Write times with flash. These to me are all issues that can be fixed in the operating system with tweaking of the filesystem. All in all this is a pretty exciting product. I am going to purchase some for my small projects.

  • At SparkFun it is hard to find a good Wifi signal unless you know where to sit.

  • In order to bring you the newest products.. Sparkfun's trusty safety dog is always on watch.

  • This Gloop doesn't taste like candy.

  • They are from the steam age... Rail Road invented bar codes to identify a car. I think there is a better way to do it by now... With bar codes your out of luck if the product falls into the flu space of a rack. Bar codes are good for small numbers of things... but when you have over 100,000 products like a warehouse store it is easy to mess it up and lose 20,000$ worth of product.

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