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  • I don't know if the following applies to this particular device, but it's common on coin acceptors to have the coin fall past a magnet. A "slug" will stick to the magnet, and stay there until the "eject" button is pressed, which then allows the slug to fall through the return slot. Non ferrous coins are affected to a much lesser, but still significant degree as the go past the magnet. The magnet slows them down enough to change the fall time. So, in effect, the magnet tests the coin for metallic content.

  • I'm confused. The Graphic LCD Library that is linked to in the product description on this page is ONLY for use with the firmware written by SummoningDark. However, the Source Code that is linked to in the same place appears to be the 05/11/10 firmware version that (by what I glean from the comments) is somewhat improved from the original, yet still unacceptably buggy.
    Did Sparkfun finally do the right thing, and incorporate the improved firmware? Or are they still shipping this product with the known problematic firmware, and further confusing the issue by linking to a library with incompatible functions?
    Before I proceed with plans to use this display in an upcoming project, I need to know if I should purchase a programmer, and begin climbing the learning curve to reflashing the chip.
    Don't get me wrong... I need to learn how to do this eventually, but this project already has me facing several learning hurdles, within a tight time frame. I need to choose my hurdles wisely ;)
    Thanks in advance!

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