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  • I have some INA169 and INA219 boards. I think they suite different situations.

    INA169 1.) You can visualize the signal on your 'scope and prototype your filter (if necessary). 2.) No separate 5/3V supply and the overhead of a microcontroller required (think motor control board). 3.) No cable length limitation. 4.) It just works.

    INA219 1.) No filter design overhead. 2.) Bus voltage and power sensing for free. 3.) Easy to integrate into microcontroller project at the cost of being able to see the signal without first tracking down a micro, code to make it work, and power supply. 4.) Limited cable length. Running i2c bus at long cable lengths (say >1.5 meter or so) requires attention to bus speed, capacitance, load, and some other details that make the level of effort too high for most people.

    Overall, the INA219 seems like it adds a lot of things that stand between the user and his/her information. Especially if you are doing hobby level electronics (Sparkfun's target customer).

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