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  • Solved the issue by reading this: https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=21832&p=166729#p166729

    Within X-CTU, go to the Modem Configuration tab. Scroll down into I/O settings, look to the bottom for PR, change it from 7F7F to 7FFF. Do this to both Xbee units, and the messages only going one way is solved.

  • I have the board. Sending messages to it with X-CTU I see the correct strings showing up within the Arduino serial monitor. When I use the serial monitor to send messages the other way, I get jibberish. I have the board set to UART, XBee 900 pro. Any ideas? I wrote a C# app to read the data being sent from the Arduino by listening to the serial port with Xbee connected. I just get the '?' character on RX from the arduino. I have tried every pin I can, so I know I have the correct pins. Lost. Thanks for any replies.