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  • I just started messing around with this LCD using a STM32F103 microcontroller running at 72MHz... it works great. The only problem I had, and I suspect others might have if they are using fast processors, is that you have to deliberately introduce the setup and hold time delays on the DC pin... if you don't you will get spurious pixels written to the display. I used a delay of 10uS, although the spec says 100nS is fine.

    Anyway, just hope to save anyone else a little trouble...

  • The correct fix is to delete the "\" (backslash) character in the comment for the 0x5C entry. The backslash is the "continue on next line" symbol, so the next line is not seen as part of the initializer, thus making everything following it offset by 1. Just change the "\" character to the word "backslash" and everything will be good:

    ,{0x00, 0x7f, 0x41, 0x41, 0x00} // 5b [
    ,{0x02, 0x04, 0x08, 0x10, 0x20} // 5c backslash
    ,{0x00, 0x41, 0x41, 0x7f, 0x00} // 5d ]
    ,{0x04, 0x02, 0x01, 0x02, 0x04} // 5e ^

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