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  • Drivers shown above do not work on latest 64-bit systems; drivers on Olimex page do: http://www.olimex.com/dev/avr-isp500-tiny.html

  • So, from what I understand, it's pretty common for shady asian "chip companies" to just find old circuit boards, iron the chips off, and re-silk screen new labels on them and sell them back to us as if they were new chips... Sometimes they just change part of the label so it appears to be a higher quality part than it actually is, sometimes they put something completely different on there that just looks the same.
    I'm guessing it's just another chip made by atmel (maybe even an mcu), where they just changed the main title so you'd think it was an atmega and not the part it actually is. It probably has the fuses set to disable programming because it was already deployed once in a production project.

  • updated Firmware updater link found: http://www.olimex.com/dev/soft/avr/AVR-ISP500/AvrIspFwUpdate_1_0_0_9.zip

  • GRR! Firmware Updater is a broken link!

  • After buying a few of these I have 2 suggestions:
    1.) Use ink that doesn't smear (so lame! I passed these out to cowokers, one tried to put it on his iPhone and it smeared before he'd applied it!)
    2.) I know the flame is the sparkfun logo, but could we get a mirrored flame?

  • It seems like some people are suggesting cutting traces with a sharpie? I can only imagine that they're using an etchant or other chemicals of some kind.
    I thought this board would be really cool, but instead, cutting traces with an exacto knife is a giant pain in the ass.

  • Datasheet link is broken.

  • One of the photos of this item looks "doctored", or is it just me?

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