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  • Nevermind... just loose wires... it seems to work great wired up directly to an arduino pin.

  • I didn't read the datasheet and assumed that this was a piezo speaker. It's actually an eletromagnetic speaker with a coil. I hooked it up directly to the output pin of my arduino pro mini (5V), and I think I blew out a couple of pins. :-(

  • I actually wired in a 16 pixel NeoPixel ring, and that works great. I'll publish the details soon.

  • How sensitive to input voltage are these? I would like to power them from a 6V lantern battery (6.6V unloaded according to my DMM). Will I burn it out? (This seems to be in the unfortunate range of to high for most 5V projects, but too low for a 7805 regulator).

  • It would be useful to mention in the product description that these are 1N5819 diodes, since the datasheet covers 3 different diodes. Since I'm primarily interested in Vf, and this one has the highest Vf of the 3.

  • I'm trying to get the board to output a 300 Baud serial signal, but I keep getting garbage. 1200->115200 all seem to work, so I suspect this is just a timing issue.
    Do you know if it's likely an issue with the board, or with the FTDI cable I'm using?

  • If I'm using this to connect a 5v Arduino Pro with a device that expects the full +/- 12V, should I set Vcc to 12V, or to 5V?

  • It turns out that the voltage regulator on the Arduino Pro board is really wimpy. I built my own 7805 based voltage regulator and it seems to be working fine now. At 150mA, it is unlikely to be able to power a standard Ethernet shield, since the WizNet 5100 chip is spec'ed to draw over that all by itself.

  • It won't charge the LiPo, or any other sort of battery you connect. That would have to be build separately, (and be very careful if trying to build your own LiPo charger, getting it wrong leads to explosions and fires.)

  • Oops.. I meant 500mA, not 500mV.

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