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  • Did you compensate for local altimeter setting? As you might know, barometric altimetry requires the local setting due to normal changes. GPS altimetry does not.

  • I'm sure Sparkfun appreciates the free advice, stevech. It's worth every penny they paid for it. Like MightyDubster, I have experience manufacturing devices of similar complexity. The prices are reasonable. I suspect you know as much about margin, "overhead" and "other costs" as you do about manufacturing.

    If you can find what you're looking for at a better price somewhere else, buy it. Don't want to pay Sparkfun's price? Don't buy it. It's not a difficult concept.

  • You're probably way ahead of me but you might want to consider pitch control for the elevator, either active control, CG control or, at a minimum, a trim tab. Depends on what how much, if at all, the configuration of the glider will change.
    Sounds like an interesting project! If you haven't seen it, check out http://www.uavforge.com.

  • This all sounds great and congratulations on the 100 employee mark. I have to object that you used my likeness on the poster without my permission though. :)

  • As an aerospace engineer, I am pleased to see this and thanks, Sparkfun, for supporting this worthy program. For those interested in pursuing rocketry, I suggest you look at another Colorado business, Apogee Rockets, at www.apogeerockets.com.
    (I am not associated with Apogee except as a satisfied customer)

  • It's a good question, scharkalvin. IMO, it's a move away from sound system engineering practices. During Apollo, NASA was the master of system engineering. Now, it's more of a bureaucracy than anything else. I mean, really, losing a package due to using different engineering units across an interface (Mars Explorer)?

  • Great job, Sam! Keep in mind that many people here may not remember what it was like to be in 8th grade. Your accomplishments are really outstanding. Keep up the good work!

  • Right here on sparkfun there's: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/59
    Also, google "diy reflow toaster oven" and you'll find more. Many lead back to sparkfun.com though.

  • hmm. No 5V. The switch is in the enable position. Am I missing something obvious like a solder jumper?

  • OK, I see that now. Makes sense although I'm not sure my hands are that steady. I wonder if there are any "pastry bags" made for this purpose?

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