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  • BenF: ? or more likely the gyro chip itself
    I looked further into this and found that the issue is not with the gyro chip, but rather the SparkFun board design. The HP filter transforms the output characteristic from that of a gyro to that of an accelerometer.
    I managed to modify the board and bypass the HP filter - and without the filter it works pretty well (as a gyro that is). Output now drops back to vref immediately when rotation stops (with the filter it will output a sharp reverse rotation and then slowly settle).
    Feedback on whether this design is intentional (you want the accelerometer behavior) or not would be appreciated. If so - you may want to put it in the accelerometer category and change the product description accordingly. If not - I would welcome a modified design based on the same chip, but without the HP filter.

  • I have one issue with this board (or more likely the gyro chip itself). Sensitivity is as advertized however when you stop moving - it creeps in the reverse direction for a long time. Ideally output should immediately settle at vref whenever it stops moving around the axis.
    Due to this issue a calculated integral for absolute position can not be relied on.
    I've previously used the LISY300AL board and thought I could do better with this 10 times more sensitive gyro, but not so. I actually get far better results in the +/- 30 deg range with the less sensitive board.
    The above issue has been observed with differential and absolute ADC sampling for both 1x and 4x outputs.

  • I wish I read blink4jona's comment before buying as what I received is not what I expected. The cable can connect ISP 10-pin to 10-pin, 10-pin to 6-pin, but not 6-pin to 6-pin (there is only a single 6-pin connector).
    The description is misleading as it suggests both 10-pin and 6-pin ISP interfaces are supported. Also you can not tell from the picture that only a single 6-pin connector is included.
    Although it may be useful to some, we need a no fuzz 6-pin to 6-pin alternative.

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