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  • I try to put zenner diode by myself. but pattern is too narrow for solder by hand. I gave up and found easy alternative way…
    1) cut back of patter JP1
    2) put LED on JP1
    LED usually drop about 2V. that means…
    VBUS(5V) - LED(about 2V) = VCC(about 3V)
    so AVR will run with 3V and USB D+/D- line swings 0 to 3V.
    I tried some LEDs for best result. and little red LED which drops 1.875V( VCC: 3.125V ) is the best.
    LED drops just 2.00V ( VCC: 3.00V ) did not work properly.
    hope this helps.

  • My programmer(/avrdude) randomly report error in the middle of run. and programmer fleezes both Stat1/2 LED on.
    I noticed this board lacks 3.6V Zener Diode on USB D+/D- line. (Original USBtinyISP has)
    so I cut pattern back of JP1, and switched to ‘Power Target’ to feed 3.3V from ISP connector. then avrdude runs perfectly.
    (Ubuntu 9.04 / ThinkPad X31)

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