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  • We all like to rip on Radio Shack, but I for one am glad they are still around. I don't usually buy any of their consumer goods, but in most cities that I've lived in, it is the only place left to buy actual components. Most of the little electronics shops that I remember from the past are no longer around.
    Sometimes you just need that one little piece to finish a project and it's hardly worth it to order a 50 cent part. Granted, that 50 cent part will probably be $2.50 at Radio Shack but that is the cost of convenience. Its sad that they don't carry as much for the hobbyist as they used to, but I'm still glad its there.

  • Perhaps its your reader. RSS seems to work fine for me and the title of the post links to the correct article.

  • That is a good question and one I am curious about myself. I couldn't find anything on the datasheet.

  • Has anyone used one of these and created their own pcb for it? How much room inside is there thickness wise? I'm wondering if one of the RF transmitter modules will fit on the side of PCB opposite the button pads. The RF modules is about 5-6 millimeters thick.

  • I still haven't seen a good explanation of how this is performing level shifting on the Din Can anyone explain this? I understand the diode will provide about a .7 voltage drop, but that still only takes from 5v down to 4.3v. Any ideas for this electronically challenged person (me)?

  • "Prefer the logic interface on the Salea and the MSO19 logic levels are limited to 3.3volts and below so if using a PIC at higher voltages would be a problem."
    Are you saying that the MSO19 hardware or software only supports up to 3.3 volts because the tech specs for the MSO19 state that Digital threshold is 5 volts.

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