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  • How about lithium button cells, such as CR2032? There are smaller versions than the ubiquitous CR2032, of course, but with less capacity.

    You could use this tiny boost converter to make it run on a single CR2032, if 200 mA is enough, otherwise you can find more powerful ones.

    Sparkfun even has a nice box for two CR2032 in series, with on/off switch and wires.

    If you want rechargeable you could go for a single LiPo and a boost converter.

  • Regarding the JST PH connectors, I really wish SparkFun had chosen a connector with 2.54 mm pin spacing instead of the non-standard 2.00 mm pin spacing that makes it unnecessarily difficult to put connectors on breadboards or protoboards.
    I am grateful to Seeedstudio for using similar connectors but with good ol' 2.54 mm spacing on their stuff...

  • I like this board, and still ordered the NKC Electronics version due to prior comments here.
    Have you considered a version with 5V to 3.3V power regulation and logic level conversion (preferably bidirectional for the three GPIO capable pins)? Something similar to the regulated Xbee BoB.

  • One very old trick for getting an even heat distribution is to put a layer of clean dry sand at the bottom. I think about 1 cm (0.5") would be fine. The sand will spread the heat and you will get a "softer" and more evenly spread heat.
    Since the sand will also retain or store heat you will not be able to accomplish any high speed changes in temperature, but I do not think that will be a problem. The sand is dry so there should not be anything to clean from the soldered boards unless some paste has found its way to the bottom side.

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