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  • Anybody know if it is possible to get the mating part to this, the one that typically goes on a U.FL to SMA cable assembly? I found the part #, but can't find any distributor that sells just the U.FL plug connector.

  • Anybody know if there is a source for a replacement U.FL connector on this? Seems ridiculous to have to buy a whole new cable if the connector goes bad.

  • Anybody have tips on how to crimp on a new U.FL connector? I actually need to make this cable shorter so I want to cut, strip, and connect a new U.FL female connector on.

  • I have used the HMC5843 and it seems that the HMC5883L is very similar except for a few things. One of the new things that isn't particularly well explained in the datasheet is the Measurement Averaging bits, MA1 and MA0, of configuration register A. By setting these bits, the measurement output can be averaged over 1, 2, 4, or 8 samples. To clarify, suppose I configure the sensor to run at 75Hz (DO2:DO0 = 110), and average 8 samples per measurement output (MA1:0=11). Does this mean:
    1) that the sensor is taking 8 samples every measurement period
    (1/75Hz = 13.3ms), averaging them, and putting the result in the data registers
    2) the sensor is taking only one measurement per sample period, and averaging that with the previous 7 measurements, so that the average would be effectively over 8*13.3ms = 106ms period?
    3) something else?
    I've tried to search online for this, but haven't found anything to help clarify.

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