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  • Why does this board say it has a “maximum recommended input of 20V”? The ASIC itself can take up to 40V on the input. Is this due to a limitation of the input capacitor’s working voltage? The schematic does not list the V rating of the input cap C1.

  • A 9.216M xtal is exactly ½ of the industry standard 18.432 MHz crystal that is used for dividing down into the regular serial baud rates like 9600/38400/57600/115200. This one should be useful for doing the same.

  • I’m trying to make an Eagle library part for this switch, but the manufacturer mechanical doc does not describe the pinout. Can someone out there tell me which pins connect when the button is pushed, which pins are anode/cathode for the LED, and what is the relationship between the switch pins and the LED connections? Is there any marking on the switch? I think I can see a faint + sign on the white plastic of one of the LED pins. Is that true?

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