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  • I too would like this storage discrepancy explained. It is worrisome that that specification in the datasheet is in RED type. Does that mean that 200 templates is a future goal because some of the other red type information is "Not supported" or "Deleted".

    Is there anyone out there whose got this working that can tell us what the max template is? Thx.

  • I can confirm that this 5M strip cannot be fully brightened while only fed 5V from both ends. In other words, if you want to go above 25% brightness across all LED's your going to have to splice some power points along the strip. At 50% brightness, the voltage at 2.5M is around 3.8V and the LED's no longer can reliably read/transfer the data stream resulting in "random" colors along the strip. Also, check your JST connectors if cascading more than one strip because my output side was miss-wired yel<->red which is not good for the electronics, especially when driving with a >10A power supply!

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