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  • powerful corporate interests

    Mr. Hymel cites Harvard and Microsoft work on social engineering. Just the tip of the iceberg.

    I like your slippers - a shame you have cast this nice work as a political parable. I suspect the compulsion to turn everything into a victim story actually increases gender polarization.

    So it goes.

  • The submessage here is that you are a victim. And yet you enjoy support from powerful corporate interests, special treatment and preferential benefits. The crybully phenomena.

  • millenia...

    You'd like to reprogram gender preferences that are rooted in biology - millions of years of evolution (not millenia). The mission to pressure-fit everyone to be an interchangeable cog is a totalitarian pipe dream. Unattainable and undesirable. People flourish when they are free to pursue the activities that fit them best.

  • I would love to see more diversity across all fields

    Why? Years of research and initiatives, trying trying trying to change human nature, and it's not sticking.

    People should do what they like, not cast themselves into a mold designed by social engineers.

  • So… let’s talk about the dearth of women in engineering.

    IMO this is extremely positive. It means that woman are pursuing their own interests and don't feel that it's necessary to follow the path laid down by men. Men and women are different - it would be so boring if we lived in a single-gender world. Vive la difference! Bravo to your slippers.

  • China is a human rights nightmare. They literally have concentration camps. SparkFun gives material support to a regime that engages in murder and repression of progressives and vulnerable minorities. Not ethical.

  • SparkFun is quaking with uncertainty. Lack of confidence is a signal to begin searching for alternate retailers. China and Mexico have excellent retail electronics sources, hard workers with a can-do attitude. Buy direct from the source and eliminate wasteful middleman overhead. Why should we care if the marketing manager lives in Boulder, Shanghai or Tampico?

  • I love that SparkFun plans to write a WHOLE SERIES of 'nonpartisan' articles!

    Back in the day I though of SparkFun as merely a reliable place to buy components. Now we're debating if SparkFun is deceitful, right here on their own educational website!

    4D CONTENT MARKETING GENIUS! Can't wait to see how this series unfolds.

  • This low-value work could be better done by a Chinese. After all the Chinese understand electronics marketing better than you can ever know, and they work harder. Cost savings can be passed to deserving school children.

  • Bunnie the Chinese / legendary SJW, CNN and SparkFun all agree: tariffs bad!

    Almost as if coordinated...

    Meanwhile in America: 4.1% GDP growth - exports grew at 9.3% ...

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