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  • That was my thought as well - if you make it point-based, then it adds a nice strategic element. Although I will admit that there is merit in what other folks are saying about creating real-time moving hazards...

  • I've tested my current robot, and it can easily blast though those barrels. Which is spectacular and awesome, and I'm fine with that! ...I just need to know what I'm developing toward - barrels that can be knocked over, or ones have have to be navigated around. :)

  • Right. Although honestly, I only really care so I can know whether I need to build a bot with sensors, or a cowcatcher. :)

  • I would like to get some clarification around obstacles. The bigger bots this year just barreled (pun intended) through the obstacles. Will that still be OK, point-wise? Or will there be deductions for hitting barrels, or knocking them over?

  • So, I am interfacing this with a SNAP RF100 board. It's a 3.3v device. I bought four of these modules, and two of them failed to respond with an ACK when I did an I2C write to them. The third responds with an ACK between each byte of a write, but when I do a read, it sends the address with the read bit set, and the compass never starts clocking out data. If I try to do another write everything is hung until I reboot the compass board.
    It feels like the compass isn't able to pulse the SDA line either well enough or quickly enough for my micro not to give up on it.
    I note that many people seem to have had trouble with the presence / value of the pullups on this board. I've turned off the on-micro pullups (and tried them on as well), but I'm nervous about desoldering things on this board given that I've already had trouble getting two of them to respond at all.
    Any ideas on what I could try next?

  • Glad to see the mystery solved! Thanks for the detailed writeup!

  • My 11-year old son and my father and I took the tour during AVC, it was great! I recommend to everyone to take the tour if you get a chance. Everyone was super nice!!!!!!

  • My father, my son, and I all had a great time.
    Thanks so much to the SparkFun staff for being SOOO NICE. The food vendors were good, the band was hilarious, the whole spirit of the event was just super.
    Getting my box from SparkFun today with a new GPS...we won't just be spectators next year! :)
    Thanks, SparkFun!!!