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Fluent in ADD, dyslexia, and dogs.

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GW Basic(for fun), pascal(long time ago), and C++


chasing my own tail


Did I mention ADD? and anything to do with water, drip irrigation systems and chasing verbal rabits.

  • Don’t say that too out loud— someone will do it.

  • RE: Dentures/Retainers — they are already doing that. The COOL thing about this idea is when they now make the mold of your mouth, they can scan the mold (Which means you don’t have to have a new mold of your mouth every time they want to do something- the old way destroyed the mold so you had to have a new one every time), then make the Dentures/Retainer/whatever. You lose your Dentures, retainer, whatever, they can make a new one without the hassle which means quick turn around.

  • It would be interesting if there was a way to 3-D Print sand castings. Then you could make your own castings of something and then actually pour metal into the casting. I am thinking something like making a actual working turbocharger or something like that. Yeah plastic is nice, but it does not always hold up to the heat for some projects. (Yeah, you would have to do some tooling on your project, but this would bring you one step closer to having a working project.) I am almost thinking something like what you make for ballast for model railroad track- a mixture of sand, dish soap, glue, and water. Problem would be how to get it to dry quickly, and be put through a small nozzle. Yeah you would have to have one of those box sand blasters to clear the sand castings, but that would still be a lot quicker.

  • But is the stencil printer PB&J friendly?

  • I am sure glad Wedge did not add anything to the table.

  • Q: of the three types of filaments which has the best resistance to UV?

  • The only way to get rid of an earworm at Sparkfun.

  • You might want to share this idea with Consumer reports on packaging testing. I don’t know if they thought of dropping packaging from an AVC into a lake and measuring how long the bubble rap will keep it afloat.

  • My only concern is how long will the display last. I have equipment in my house that uses OLEDs and after a year of uses, you can barely read the display.

  • Just so you know the link to your “Understanding the BC127 Bluetooth Module” Module Datasheet.pdf is giving a 404 error. Correct link is >> http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Wireless/Bluetooth/DataSheet-BC127(10).pdf You left the last part off.

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