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  • In case someone wondered, the regulator used by the official Xbee shield is the MC33269. Its datasheet can be found at www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/MC33269-D.PDF.

  • Or the full 800 mA of the Xbee Pro 868... From the specs: "Transmit current: 500 mA typical at 3.3V (800 mA max)"

  • This module would be awesome with an SMA connector, wouldn't it? This antenna looks too uncomfortable to put around in a case under the rain, and the other module with the on-chip antenna looks like having problems with range.

  • I'm using the Ardubot PCB as a robot itself, not as a robot platform, and I want to connect a Sharp distance sensor and a couple of bumpers and LEDs, how am I supposed to connect them to the Arduino pins, both digital and analog? Should I solder the wires directly to the short side of the male headers? Thanks!