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  • Anyone who tried to download the Eagle files from here will have noticed that they are the gerbers, not the BRD/SCH files. If the awesome Sparkfun dudes/dudettes could upload the eagle files, that would be appreciated by lots of people I'm sure :)
    In the meantime, a good example in Eagle format can be found on this product: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8602
    The benefit of this one is that it also shows the NRF being wired up to an MCU, which I presume most people wanting to skip the breakout would be interested in.

  • Hi could you confirm that this is the 150mil SO version (DS1077Z), not the 118mil uSOP (DS1077U)?
    It's implied by the fact that there is an SOIC converter PCB as a related product, but it would be good to confirm this.

  • I noticed the breakout for this has SW1/SW2, how have you mechanically achieved this? I'm putting this part on my board without the breakout and would like to be able to tell when a SIM is plugged in. A schematic for the breakout would be great.

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