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  • I also have one of these that is giving temperature readings that are 4.25 degrees too high.

    Displaying concatenated calibration words
    dig_T1, uint16: 28281
    dig_T2, int16: 26448
    dig_T3, int16: 50
    dig_P1, uint16: 36891
    dig_P2, int16: -10832
    dig_P3, int16: 3024
    dig_P4, int16: 6098
    dig_P5, int16: 80
    dig_P6, int16: -7
    dig_P7, int16: 9900
    dig_P8, int16: -10230
    dig_P9, int16: 4285
    dig_H1, uint8: 75
    dig_H2, int16: 356
    dig_H3, uint8: 0
    dig_H4, int16: 333
    dig_H5, int16: 0
    dig_H6, uint8: 30

    I'm reading 28.40 degrees C instead of 24.7 (inside temperature shown on a weather station console)

    However that's when plugged into headers on an ESP8266 Thing. When I instead place it at the end of a 30cm cable, the temperature difference comes down to within half a degree of my other reading.

    Temperature: 24.95 degrees C
    Temperature: 76.91 degrees F
    Pressure: 101919.00 Pa
    Altitude: -51.02m
    Altitude: -167.37ft
    %RH: 46.00 %

    My elevation is about 30m above see level, not 50m beneath it. However the pressure at sea level at the moment is not 1013.25 hPa as the library assumes. Adafruit's BME280 library takes the unknown current sea level pressure as an input to the altitude function.

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